WOW1 My number one rule for work – it must have meaning!

There is nothing worse than doing a job that you feel in meaningless.  For me, doing a meaningless job is like serving time in prison.  I feel trapped and “stuck” in a situation that I cannot get out of.

However, when I am doing work I believe in, it feels so freeing.  My energy level soars and time flies by quickly.

I want to share an old TED talk with Simon Sinek.  You may have already seen this but I encourage you to go back and watch it at least once a year.  An annual reminder will help you re-focus on what you are doing and why.

In this talk Sinek discusses that people don’t care about the “what” you are selling or doing.  They care about the “why.”

Whether you work at a traditional job, run your own business or do both – you need to have a why you are passionate about to make the work enjoyable.

Your WOW Task:

Watch this video and then spend 10 minutes or more journaling you why for each of the jobs you do.

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