I have 3 main beliefs when it comes to growing a successful business.

1) Keep It Simple for Success (K.I.S.S.) – Strip down your marketing, your products and your business system and you will find success will come faster and the journey will be much more fun.  Simple = Freedom

2) Do It Your Way – The experts will tell you there is a way to market your business, a correct way to write a sales page, a magical formula to close a conversation.  Screw it!  Do it your way.  What works for you is the “right” way.  Listen to the well meaning advice and teaching but in the end, do it YOUR WAY.  Education is a buffet – take what you want and leave the rest.

3) Success Comes from Collaboration – You cannot go it alone.  To be successful you need to have a team. You need to build your own support network. Women who will cheer you on, keep you motivated and hold you to your commitments.  Women who will walk beside you on this journey.  In turn, you need to share your gifts with others in order for you to contribute and grow as a woman.

women_helping_women_logo If these 3 beliefs resonate with you, I invite you join the Women Helping Women Community .  Here are just some of the powerful tools the community provides:

1) Virtual Meet-Ups – Each month I host some kind of chat on a business related topic.  These sessions are meant as brainstorming sessions.  It’s your chance to learn from one another and get feedback on your ideas in a live setting.

2) Community Sounding Board – The Women Helping Women Community has a private group, hosted on LinkedIn where you can share ideas, support other women and find teammates that you want to have on your personal support team.

3) Keep It Simple for Success Podcast – The brand new podcast launched in March.  This podcast features interviews and strategy sessions to help you discover tools and tips to grow your business.

4) Special Events and Member Only Offers – As a member of this special community you will often get advance notice of special events and there will be some events that only group members are invited to.

Be sure to register so that you are notified of masterminds and special events.


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