As a business woman, you are always looking for ways to grow your network.  However the tried and true networking group have become ineffective.

Most of them are filled with women trying to sell to one another.  Yes, you can still form friendships and bond in some of these groups, but then what?  It’s hard […]

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Want to recharge your business motivation?

Sometimes in the laziness of the summer we lose our momentum.  Get recharged this week by reaching out to 2 past clients.

Your goal isn’t to try to get them to sign on with you again.  You don’t need them to buy anything from you.

All you want […]

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Do you have some tasks you just HATE to do?

You know, those tedious, repetitive tasks that you would almost rather go to the dentist than tackle?

It’s been my experience that these little troublesome tasks can turn into major energy drains.  You avoid them but you know they are there and they keep […]

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Are you getting a little lazy?

Do you have a pile of receipts that need to be entered?  Are you getting behind on your accounting paperwork?

It happens to all of us.  You get a little behind and then before you know it, you are a LOT behind.

This week, find a day, take […]

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I know, I know.  It’s only July!

BUT, this is actually the time you need to start planning your holiday promotion.

Think about last year.  How crazy was it for you?

Did you have a kick-butt holiday promotion?

Did you make 20-40% of your entire sales during the time between Halloween and […]

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Can you believe the year is more than half over?

How are you doing?  This time of the year is great to hit the pause button and take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far.

If you have been doing a good job of tracking various stat’s about your business, now is a […]

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Getting tired of writing new content each week?  Take this week off!

Go back in your history and find a post that did really well for you and repost it.  Chances are, if people loved it the first time, they will love it this time around.

“Won’t people complain?”  If you are worried that […]

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I know this one can be a painful one.  If you are like me, you hate your photo.

[ASIDE – I just had my passport photo taken and it is terrible.  I am going to have to live with the image for at least 10 years!]

Painful or not, look at your photo. […]

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