Planning Begins Now…

…if you want to have a successful holiday season!

I know the holidays are months away but if you want to grow your list and have more clients by the end of the year, you need to start now.

  • It takes time to create a new product or program
  • You need plenty of time to map out a marketing campaign
  • When Fall comes you just get too busy to tackle the planning and execution of a product launch

By starting the process now, you have plenty of time to get all the pieces in place.  Plus by taking on the heavy workload now, you will have the time to kick back and enjoy the holidays .

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you have all the pieces in place – many of them set on autopilot – so that when you are baking cookies or going to your kids play at school, people are finding out about your exciting new program and new clients are rolling in – all while you are having fun!

Introducing the

Holiday Planning Guide.

In the Holiday Planning Guide you will get a 35 minute training video that goes through:

  • the four essential steps to planning a new program or product
  • what you can do now to plant the seeds for a successful holiday season
  • how you can use what you create now to set yourself up for future success next year

Plus as a BONUS you will get:

  • my checklist that will help you create a kick-butt plan for your own holiday program
  • a timeline for what to do when to launch a holiday gift product
  • a second timeline for what to do when to launch a New Year’s Resolution product or program

Get all of this on demand – right now!  Watch the training right now and re-watch it whenever you want to.  Go through each of the four steps with the checklist and timeline and you will be well on your way to creating a successful holiday program.

NOTE: This course is for you if you are considering creating an online course, and information product or a service/coaching package.  This course will help you kickstart your planning.  If you are creating a physical product to sell in a brick and mortar shop, this course will not be on target for you.

To enroll just click on the button below.

Holiday Planning Guide
Price: $47.00
Price: $9.97

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