A WOW s a business woman, you are always looking for ways to grow your network.  However the tried and true networking group have become ineffective.

Most of them are filled with women trying to sell to one another. Yes, you can still form friendships and bond in some of these groups, but then what?  It’s hard to continuously expand your network.

Your task this week is to expand your network by finding a volunteer group instead of going to a networking meeting.  Volunteer networks are amazing.  The focus is on the cause but as you get to work side by side with group members you get a chance to form real relationships.

The “spammy” feeling of networking for the sake of networking isn’t there.  You have a genuine connection to the cause and to the people who are supporting it.

Plus you get to really show off your skills if the needs of the volunteer group are in line with what you do. The benefits of volunteering are doubled – feel great and expand your reach!

So get out there today and find a group.  A google search for volunteer groups in your community is the best way to get started.


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