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WOWI know this one can be a painful one.  If you are like me, you hate your photo.  

[ASIDE – I just had my passport photo taken and it is terrible.  I am going to have to live with the image for at least 10 years!]

Painful or not, look at your photo.  Is it professional?  Does it reflect what you look like today?

If you are one of those people who use an image of a logo or random object as your profile photo – STOP IT – you need a photo of yourself.  People are becoming more and more selective about who they let into their network.  You absolutely need to have a photo of yourself as your profile image.

Get an updated and professional headshot taken if you need it.  You can consider a student who might want to build up their portfolio or consider bartering with a photographer if money is an obstacle for you.  (I know that you will reach for any obstacle just to avoid having your photo taken.  Get over it and do it.)

Also take a look on your bio on your About Me page.  Is it accurate?  Do you need to update it to reflect changes in your style, your priorities, your focus?

Take 10 minutes and refresh your bio and then spend another 10 reaching out to a photographer and getting a headshot shoot date on your calendar.


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