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Do you have some tasks you just HATE to do?WOW

You know, those tedious, repetitive tasks that you would almost rather go to the dentist than tackle?

It’s been my experience that these little troublesome tasks can turn into major energy drains.  You avoid them but you know they are there and they keep nagging you at the back of your mind.

You spend more time being bothered by them and feeling guilty about not doing them than they are worth.  

Your challenge for this week is to outsource 1 of them.  Write out the steps you need to do in detail and then dip your toes in the water with outsourcing.

Find someone on Fiverr or Elance who can do that job for you.  Give them your detailed instructions and have them handle it.

It is worth $5 to have someone do those annoying tasks?

I have an absolutely amazing Virtual Assistant now who does big tasks for me and she is a life saver.  However, I baby stepped my way to her.  I started by just getting a few things done on Fiverr.  Then I graduated to a few things on Elance…and then I found Lindsay!  

Start small.  Outsource just one little draining task and see how it goes.



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