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 Podcast - Keep It Simple for SuccessWhen it comes to presenting your offer and your program price, do you stumble?

Are you extremely uncomfortable with the “sales” part of your consultations?

Join me for a fabulous discussion with Ling Wong about the 4 main stumbling blocks women have when it comes to asking for the sale.

Ling is known helping women find their “superpowers” and monetizing their truth.  She helps women cut through the mental baggage around money and nail their messaging.


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Ling Wong

Don’t forget to jot down in your journal what you learned in today’s episode and what actions you want to take as a result.


Please leave your comments below and also suggestions for how I can make this podcast even better.


You can find Ling’s amazing posts on her blog at


I especially want to direct you to  a few of Ling’s posts on Money Mindset as she goes into detail on the topics we discussed –

Money Mindset

Fear Releasing


Download Ling’s “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle to help you upgrade your marketing mindset, tap into your fullest potential and get high-paying clients.

BONUS GIFT  –  Sacred Money Archetype Assessment Kit


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