Want to recharge your business motivation?

Sometimes in the laziness of the summer we lose our momentum.  Get recharged this week by reaching out to 2 past clients.

Your goal isn’t to try to get them to sign on with you again.  You don’t need them to buy anything from you.

All you want to do is see how they are doing.  You goal is to reconnect with them and the reason why you created your business in the first place.

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Do you have some tasks you just HATE to do?

You know, those tedious, repetitive tasks that you would almost rather go to the dentist than tackle?

It’s been my experience that these little troublesome tasks can turn into major energy drains.  You avoid them but you know they are there and they keep nagging you at the back of your mind.

You spend more time being bothered by them and feeling guilty about not doing them than they are worth.  

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