the wonder of the world

I often wonder what the sweet spot is for “enough content” in “enough places.”

Do you need to be on several social media platforms or just spend all your time on one?


Do you need to have multiple forms of content or can you specialize in one?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the answers are different for everyone one of us because each of us has a different style and a different way of serving our audience.

The only way to answer the question for yourself is to test and even more importantly to measure.

If you want to test out the same piece of content on multiple platforms you need to track the views and actions taken on each site.  For example, if you post an article on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you need to be able to track how many people viewed the article on each of the three sites.  Plus you want to track how many people clicked a link, left a comment or did some other action based on where they came to your site from.

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Podcast - Keep It Simple for Success

Today I am talking with Sue Maitland who just finished creating a brand new online course.  Sue goes through the steps she took to create her course and the evolution her content went through before it became a course.

Gain insights from Sue to apply to your own business plus get tips on how she did and didn’t use technology to create her video course.

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Podcast - Keep It Simple for Success

 When it comes to presenting your offer and your program price, do you stumble?

Are you extremely uncomfortable with the “sales” part of your consultations?

Join me for a fabulous discussion with Ling Wong about the 4 main stumbling blocks women have when it comes to asking for the sale.

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Yin Yang symbol

What if you changed your entire approach to failure?  What if you sought it out?

I had a fascinating mastermind discussion yesterday and it gave birth to today’s post.  I have often backed down on projects and even my price points due to fear of rejection or having the project flop.

But what if those failure were necessary? What if I embraced them?

Bear with me here because this shift in mindset was huge for me and it can be huge for you too.

You know there can be no light with out darkness.  No good without bad.  No happy without sad.  That is the very base of yin and yang.

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the best rate for you

You have created a great package and a great follow-up coaching program.

What steps do you take to set your prices?

If you were to ask in a room full of coaches, you would get lots of different rate strategies.

Here are the most common:

1)  Check what your competition charges and be in the same ballpark.

Why is this a bad idea?  Because you have no idea how your program stacks up against the competition.  You may be delivering a ton more value than a competitor.  You may have more components and be investing more of your personal time than anther coach.  You cannot measure yourself against your competition.  There are way too many unknowns.

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It can be overwhelming when you launch your business and need to set your rates.  

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got questions

There are so many choice when it comes to marketing, and every marketing guru tells you that their preferred platform is the best.

 You hear so many success stories and see amazing stats, but when you try out the same strategy, you don’t get those same amazing results.

So you try another strategy, learn from another guru and get the same lack-luster results.

This is the hamster wheel of marketing strategies.

Sales pages make each strategy look fail-proof but the reality is – they aren’t working for you.

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Blog Versions

Where should you spend your blogging time – a LinkedIn Blog or your own Personal Blog?

The answer is both.

Why use LinkedIn’s Long Post Feature?  Because it gets your content in front of fresh eyes – people who don’t know you yet but are intrigued enough by your title to at least scan your article.

AND you don’t need to double duty by writing a completely different article on your personal blog.  You can use the same exact content.  If you are worried about getting slapped by Google for duplicate content, my understanding is that you won’t need to worry as you are not attempting to “fool” Google and that is what the slap-down is all about – putting the same article all over the place and not providing real value.

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Knowing you need to create goals for the new year and knowing how to create actionable goals are two different things.

In this Google Hangout, I talk to three terrific coaches about strategies they use to create effective goals and to take action on them.

From taking a polar dip to getting your kids excited about vision boards, you will come away from this session inspired and ready to set some amazing goals.

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Help, I've got too much on my plate.  I

We’ve all been there…daily for many of us.  

When you have too much going on in your head, the brain has a tendency to FREEZE.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “A confused mind always says ‘no’.”  That is exactly what your brain is saying.  There is too much going on, so I am not going to do anything.

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