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The problem with many small business owners is that when they get started they’re all gung-ho and working hard, but after they encounter some disappointment, they lose sight of their vision, often stop trying as hard, and peter out. To run a successful business, it is essential to keep your vision alive.

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sample mind map tool

Mind Mapping is a great way to diagram your thoughts in a meaningful way.

Sometimes you just need to see how different parts of your business connect and a Mind Map is perfect for this.

A map is simple a collection of labels with relationships as you see here.

I find mind maps extremely helpful to “connect the dots” in my business.  I also use them to create a “how to” of sorts for projects that repeat such as what pages I need to create in a sales funnel.

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WAHM balancing roles

Life as a Working At Home Mom (WAHM for short) can often turn into a battle for sanity and serenity.

The management duties of work and home are more than a full-time job, and often one can take over your entire life. Many moms decide to work at home to spend more time with their families and have a more flexible schedule, but end up dedicating even more time to work and less enjoyable time with family.

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Mental block quote

Are you experiencing a mental block?  

You know what you need to do.  You may have even started a project and had some early success yet you just can’t push forward.

You are stuck…and you don’t really know why.

Welcome to the MENTAL BLOCK.

It can happen in business, in your writing or in a home project.  All of your efforts to move forward are half-hearted.

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Wonderpage to Organize bookmarks

Book Marking Tool

I am not the most cutting edge when it comes to technology but if it works, why change it?

I have a ton of sites that I use frequently and there is no way I can possibly remember them.  So I needed a handy tool.

Problem:  Too many sites to keep track of


Solution:  Wonderpage

Wonderpage is a free website categorizing tool.  With Wonderpage I can:

  • Categorize my sites – so I have “folders” called Tools, Course Log-In’s, Social Networks, Affiliate Programs, Interesting Stuff, and more
  • Quickly Click on the Icon in my folder and go right to the site
  • When I find a site I want to add, there’s a little icon in my toolbar to quickly add it to my folders

Did I mention, Wonderpage is Free.  Yeah, I like free tools that get it done.

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Becoming an entrepreneur is exciting, but it can also be a bit scary.

You’re stepping into uncharted territory, and even if you’ve taken all the courses and read all the books, some things are best learned by experience. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave these things completely to trial and error.

Getting feedback and advice from fellow businesswomen can be a huge help to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. By seeking out a mentor, you give yourself the opportunity to learn from someone who has been there. You can benefit from her experience, avoiding common mistakes and learning the tricks to running a successful business.

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The Internet – The Great Equalizer

Originally considered primarily a man’s territory, the Internet has become a home for women. Today, over half of Internet users are female.

But women aren’t just browsing websites and shopping –  they are making their presence known.

The  Internet has made it possible for women to overcome hurdles of the past. Women who pursued stereotypically male hobbies such as technology, for example, had few opportunities to be heard before the Internet came about. Now they can purchase a domain, a hosting account and publish their findings and opinions for all the world to see.

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Building blocks for successful solopreneur women

Thinking of starting a new business or updating your current business?

There are 5 essential building blocks that you need to consider before you “open for business.”

As with building anything, you need a solid foundation.  Skip one of these essential steps, and you will find your business becomes shaky and prone to collapse.

If you have a business but can’t seem to find customers, chances are you missed one of these critical components which threw off all of your efforts to build a strong business.

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Your gmail or most other major email hosts can be one of your best “quiet” tools. Supercharge your custom signature and get every email you send to do a little marketing for you.

As part of my 21-day challenge to grow my list by 500 contacts in the next 100 days, I started researching all kinds of strategies and this one popped up as a no-brainer.

I’ve always had some kind of text in my signature line with links to my social profiles but I just upgraded my whole sign-off with the help of a free program called WiseStamp.

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Woman frozen by fear

As solopreneurs, we often suffer from paralysis due to fear.




Fear of not being good enough. 

Fear of failing. 

Fear of being a fraud. 

The list goes on and on.

Once that chatter starts in our head, we often “check-out.”  Suddenly there’s email to check, laundry to be done, or a video game that just needs to be played. 

No matter what your delay strategy is, when fear grips us, the work we need to do, comes to a screeching halt.

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